Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Little About "It All Started With A Stumble"

It All Started With A Stumble...

So, there it is! Complete! If you have not read it all the way through yet, please do. I would love some feed back.

I started this 10 Part story a month and a half ago. It was primarily inspired by a song I had been listening to at the time called Sunrise by a group called Yeasayer. If you haven't heard of them check them out, top stuff. If you have heard of them then you know what I am talking about. The song itself conjured up images in my mind of a primordial land with a red and orange sky, pillars of smoke and adventure. I am not sure what the song is about exactly but for me I get a strong sense of evolution from its lyrics.

My secondary reason for writing this story was practice. I have had a story in my mind for the past five years now that is dying to get out. However I have no idea how to right it, as I originally conceived of it as a graphic novel. It has since grown beyond its humble conceptual beginnings and needs a bigger frame work to house it. Namely, a series of novels. So I wanted to play around with writing some thing in the first person as a comic allows you to write in a similar manner. The story is called ZEN and hopefully one day I will get it all out.

So I hope you enjoyed my wee story, if so let me know. If not, please, also let me know. 

Check out Sunrise by Yeasayer here:Yeasayer Sunrise

I will be starting a new story in the coming weeks so please check back soon. I will post a little info on that in a day or two.

Cheers big time.

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